Intermat Group is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at IDEX 2013, on 17-21 February in Abu Dhabi, at stand number 11-A26.

Intermat, a pioneer in state-of-the-art anti-thermal camouflage technologies, is looking forward to presenting the company’s latest total solutions in the fields of survivability, counter-measure passive signature management and anti-missile protection at a strategic level.

During IDEX 2013, customers will have the chance to find out about developments on Intermat’s most innovative series of products, including:

  • The "Chameleon Series" of anti-thermal, low observation paints for land systems applications
  • Anti-missile wide area infrastructure and installations protective shield
  • Anti-thermal/anti-radar fabrics in the form of Ghillie Suits, Sniper Suits, personal screens or camouflage nets (ARCUS or ULCANS)

CHAMELEON’s SKIN© – the anti-thermal camouflage decal

IDEX 2013 is considered the ideal platform to introduce our recent and most advanced product in the field of tactical anti-thermal / visual camouflage: the self-adhesive camouflage system, known as "Chameleon’s Skin"©.

Visit Intermat Group at IDEX 2013 at stand number 11-A26.

Easy to use – with a just "stick-n-go" move – modern tactical units are able to alter rapidly during operations their visual and, the most important, anti-thermal camouflage.

From desert to rocky and from urban to jungle terrain, a highly customisable solution which opens new ways in camouflage technology, the CHAMELEON’s SKIN is ready to protect vehicles, military equipment, small arms and weapons on the go.

Last but not least, INTERMAT will have the chance to release during IDEX its latest business news and updates. Your esteemed presence would be an honour.