DHS systems

DRASH™ has fielded thousands of TMSS mediums, TMSS larges, and stand-alone trailers in the last decade, and the vast majority of them employ standard analog technology. In recent years, DHS’ focus has been on Intelligent Power Technology® (IPT), a digital solution to power generation that automatically turns generators on and off depending on real-time demands. IPT allows for remote monitoring, and when utilised in a micro-grid of other IPTs substantially reduces fuel consumption and wear-and-tear.

Intelligent Power Technology® (IPT) upgrade kits are now available to convert existing analog trailers into the fully digitalised IPT systems. The kits include all the parts and labour hours to perform the upgrade. The full upgrade kit consists of converting an analog generator to an IPT generator with a digital control panel, the converting of the ECU to allow for load shedding and the installation of the quiet fan. The interface, electrical set and other key components are replaced by a DRASH-certified technician. There are also Analog-to-IPT generator kits that convert the generator only. DRASH trailers with Intelligent Power Technology® have been deployed around the globe and are US Army-approved as the new standard for the TMSS Program.

Costs of upgrading vs. new trailer purchase:

  • For a fraction of the cost of a new IPT System, an existing analog system can be completely converted to digital and incorporated into a micro-grid
  • An entire Brigade TOC (1 TMSS Large and 8 TMSS Mediums) can be converted to IPT for about the price of one Intelligent Power TMSS Large

Benefits of the full upgrade kit:

  • Automatic start/stop power management
  • Remote monitoring
  • Various grid configurations have yielded a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 65%
  • Reduction of ECU noise by 6.5dbs
  • Plug and play capabilities
  • Load sharing for equal distribution of power among active generators
  • Load shedding to prevent brownouts during sudden peaks in demand
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Real-time system performance and diagnostic tools
  • Reduces the number of generators necessary
  • Reduces the number of prime movers required

Component list of the full upgrade kit:

  • Housing assembly
  • Anti-wet stacking assembly
  • Quiet fan for ECU assembly
  • Load shed retro kit
  • Fuel tank kit
  • Trailer electrical set
  • Assorted hardware, cables, connectors and legends