The DHS Business Development team is a group of extremely knowledgeable and experienced representatives whose background and expertise have proven to be an asset to customers seeking information and assistance.

Business Development is divided into three major regions: East, Central and West, wherein numerous support facilities are established.

In an interview, East regional manager, Scott Jackson, provides some insight about himself and his AOR.

How long have you been an AOR leader?

I have been an AOR leader for four years.

What is your background?

Retired SMSgt USAF. I served in units providing fixed and mobile communications to the air force and army. My duty assignments included Ft Hood, Texas; Ft Bragg, North Carolina; Camp Casey, Korea; Prüm Air Station, Germany; and Keesler Air Force Base, Mississippi.

What regions do you cover? Where are your major customer bases?

Everything east of the Mississippi river, Canada, Germany, and my team members augment DHS-International supporting US and Nato Forces around the globe. This includes customers from Ft Drum, Ft Bragg, Ft Stewart, Ft Gordon, Ft Campbell, Camp Atterbury, Ft Benning, and US Army’s V Corps in Germany.

How can AOR/BD help DRASH customers?

First and most importantly, we are always available to help our customers 24/7, 365 days a year. Our team of highly skilled and motivated professionals serves our customers with the same commitment as they served our country during their military careers. Specifically, we assist customers by developing solutions encompassing the full range of military missions.

Additionally, we provide training, field support to include pre/post deployment preparations, as well as aid with the purchasing process. Our staff in AOR East has over 200 years combined military and DRASH experience, and we stand ready to support any need our customer has. We are one phone call away.

How can customers contact you and your team?

I can be contacted directly at 914-806-3349 or Our 24-hour hotline is 1-877-GO-DRASH. Additionally, our website includes a ‘contact us’ section with an easy-to-navigate map. You simply select your location and multiple team members are listed to provide immediate support.