Hesco Bastion Ltd carried out a product demonstration and trial of its immediate effective force protection at the National Guard Training facility in Novi Petrivtsi, Kiev last Monday (2 February).

The Interior Ministry of the Ukrainian Government, members of the Ukrainian Law Enforcement, and the British Embassy were all present at the trial.

T.M.M., a Hesco reseller based in Ukraine, held the testing of HESCO® MIL™ products. The units were deployed and filled by a local construction team, creating a stand-alone wall of more than two metres tall and 15 metres wide.

Guests included the Interior Minister Avakov, the Commander of National Guard, Lieutenant General Kryvenko, Ukrainian Law Enforcement authorities, and the British Embassy. They observed the firing of various types of ordinance at the defensive barrier, including bullets, grenades, 10kg of explosives, and rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), testing the product to its full capabilities.

Hesco Bastion representative Aaron Ackley, who was present at the trial, said: "The barrier units were partially damaged at the front, as to be expected from such an intense stream of direct fire, but most importantly the rear of the barrier remained intact, and the structure still stood strong, still protecting.

"The testing was an absolute success."

Hesco was recently nominated for UK’s Yorkshire Insider Exporter of the Year Award.

Its products were dispatched to more than 30 countries in the last 12 months. The firm prides itself on its supply chain capabilities. Its protective barriers have also helped save countless lives around the world.

Hesco barriers are tested to the limit and proven in the field. They will continue to be a global provider of rapidly deployable barriers.