HESCO military

Hesco Group, a global leader in rapidly deployable perimeter protection, safe haven bunkers and ballistic resistant body armour, announced the launch of a new global brand.

From 2012, Hesco has been expanding its product portfolio to include ultra-light ballistic body armour and rapidly recoverable flood barriers, further broadening the customer reach from outside the traditional military arena to federal, environmental and local law enforcement.

With this expansion came the requirement to review the Hesco brand, with an aim to launch a new identity at DSEI in London, September.

Designed in-house by the brand and marketing team, the new brand is a testament of Hesco’s focus on innovation and is more adaptable to a digital world, creating an icon that can be recognised across a variety of platforms.

Hesco Group brand director Neil MacCallum said: "As our sector reach continues to widen and our offering becomes more diverse, so must our brand.

"We wanted to unify all areas under one identifiable icon, representing the mission we have had from the very beginning: protecting people and assets, whenever and wherever we are needed."

The new visual brand, along with the new strapline ‘STOP EVERYTHING®’ signifies Hesco’s commitment to stop and contain incoming force, whether natural or man-made, and to protect those who protect us.

The new branding was displayed at DSEi in London on 15 September.