HESCO, the world leader in the design and manufacture of rapidly deployable barrier systems, gave a live demonstration in Bangkok, Thailand, at the Ladkrabang Industrial Estate Administrative Building on 1 August to over a hundred guests, including world press, the governor of the industrial areas for Bangkok and representatives from the Japanese and British Embassies and international corporations including Coca-Cola, Honda and Toyota.

The practical demonstration consisted of a 2m and 1m HESCO flood wall that can be quickly deployed without the need for building frames or digging foundations, and offers a unique tamper proof pin, enforcing the added protection these banners provide.

HESCO also demonstrated a specially designed defence barrier called Rockface, which comprises the original flood defence unit with an added rock fascia, transforming the highly effective flood wall into an aesthetically pleasing structure.

The rapidly deployable barrier systems, RAID and CART, were the highlight of the demonstration. These new systems can be deployed from a wide range of vehicles, from standard 4×4 to large flatbed or container trucks. This innovative design enables workers to begin filling large lengths of protective HESCO barrier immediately, reducing installation time that is so critical in emergencies and natural disasters.