At the turn of the year 2013 / 2014 the company Hegmann Transit extended its vehicle fleet by ordering vehicles from the German manufacturer DOLL. For several years now, the forwarding agency Hegmann has been a loyal customer of DOLL focusing on high quality vehicle technology ‘Made in Oppenau’.

The order, placed by Hegmann, comprised two semi low-loaders of the Panther series with the axle version 1+4. It was not the first time that the forwarding company has decided for panther trailers, as they are a symbol for highest quality, maximum safety, flexibility and profitability standing for undisputed innovative strength provided by DOLL.

However, the choice of the axle configuration of the two double extendible semi-trailers in low-height construction had a very special reason. Since Hegmann Transit equips its vehicle fleet mainly by three-axle trucks for reasons of profitability, a one-axle dolly had to be mounted behind the compensating gooseneck to make the trailers compatible with these kinds of towing vehicles. Nevertheless, the 1+4 axle design still ensures an optimum load distribution.

The design height of the compensating gooseneck remained standard as the dolly disposes of a friction steered axle with a steering angle of +/- 30°. This is why DOLL was able to grant a lot more loading facilities in terms of weight and height, which are indispensable for the destined transport of particularly high and voluminous goods as well as for modules. In addition to this, tyres of the size 205/65 R17.5 provide further loading advantages. In this way, a loading height of 780mm can be realised whilst driving which is also adjustable in height by -70mm or 245mm.

As the hydraulic suspension of the first axle is connected with the gooseneck, the fifth-wheel load can easily be changed hydraulically from 17.5t to 22.5t. From a technical point of view, the fifth-wheel load can even reach 25t, which also allows the access to other European countries except from Germany.

All in all, the double extendible semi-trailers reach a length of 23.310 mm and this is in spite of the ultra low loading height. The telescopic length can be individually extended by mounting an extension girder with the help of a bolt-lashing-connection to meet any requirements of transport.

Both panther semi low-loaders are able to carry a payload of 41t each with an axle load of 8t. Furthermore, these payloads can be transported on a very short loading length of only 4m in the centre of gravity, which is another plus that DOLL was able to realise by using a frame with a very high rigidity. DOLL vehicles usually dispose of a comprehensive lashing package to transport the heavyweight cargo safely to any location.

For the finishing of its vehicles, the forwarding company decided for a three-layer metal sprayed coating. In this manner, the semi-trailers are not only technically durable but also stable in value regarding their visual appearance.