2To meet the customer’s demands for quality, performance as well as protection, ROTZLER provides recovery components, such as main and recovery winches on protected MB Actros (8×8) Heavy Recovery Vehicles, EH/W200 Bison type.

To ensure user-friendly control of the recovery system, comprising winches, crane and underlift, ROTZLER additionally integrates all these subsystems in the ROTZLER Digital Controlling System and therefore provides all necessary equipment plus services in its scope of supply for this project:

  • Main winch: ROTZLER TREIBMATIC TR 200 winch – 250 kN (constant pulling force)
  • Recovery winch: ROTZLER HZ 090 winch – 100 kN (on top layer)
  • Auxiliary winch: ROTZLER HZ 010 winch – 8 kN (on top layer)
  • ROTZLER digital controller
  • ROTZLER remote control RCP-MS 2/6 FP
  • ROTZLER Systems Integration of underlift and loading crane