Parvus DuraCOR 80-41

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division today announced that its rugged small form factor (SFF) Intel® Core™ i7-based modular mission computers, the Parvus DuraCOR 80-41 and DuraCOR 80-42, have been enhanced with support for high-cycle insertion removable SATA disk storage rated for up to 100,000 cycles. With deployed missions increasingly requiring frequent insertion and extraction of Flash data storage in the field to meet critical information assurance and operational needs, the reliability and cost of high capacity digital data storage has grown in importance. To address these requirements, Curtiss-Wright has enhanced capabilities for 2.5in SATA solid-state disks (SSDs) in its most popular size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) optimized SFF mission computers.

The new option enables system integrators to use industry standard SSDs via a rugged SATA connector transition interface rated for 100K cycles. The DuraCOR 80-41 and DuraCOR 80-42 are designed for use in rugged mission processing applications. These applications include tactical ground vehicle, helicopter, fixed wing aircraft and other demanding embedded computing platforms seeking to deploy multicore Intel architectures with ultra-reliable removable data storage requirements in demanding temperature, shock, vibration, altitude, dust, water environmental and EMI conditions.

"With the addition of support for high-cycle insertion/extraction of 2.5in SATA SSDs, our small form factor mission computers now have the level of removable data storage traditionally found only in select rugged storage appliances or custom systems," said defense solutions senior vice-president and general manager Lynn Bamford.

"Alternative industry designs support a fraction of the 100,000 cycles we now support, and often require the use of vendor-specific SSDs. By using industry standard SSDs, our customers benefit from the continuous improvements in SATA SSD densities, cost reductions and reliability, without being tied to specific storage suppliers."

About the Parvus DuraCOR 80-42/80-41

Powered by quad-core 4th and 5th generation Intel Core i7 (‘Haswell’/’Broadwell’) processors, the rugged fanless DuraCOR 80-41 and 80-42 systems combine powerful graphics and multicore processing with MIL-grade mechanical robustness and modular I/O expansion capabilities in a lightweight ‘shoebox’-sized rugged enclosure ready for demanding civil and military platforms.

For high capacity (multi-Terabyte) removable storage, single/dual-slot 2.5in SATA SSD segments can be added to the chassis with traditional or high-mating cycle SATA interfaces (rated up to 100,000 insertions) to meet demanding information assurance or mission requirements. Curtiss-Wright also offers no/low-NRE application engineering services to pre-integrate Mini-PCIe modules and PCIe104 I/O modules for these modular systems. The use of quick-turn MCOTS variants can reduce cost, schedule, and risk for system integrators.