TSS tyre

We are pleased to announce that the Dutch RDW has approved the JRZ-Bravo Maxxis HT770 on these and all other criteria! This means that this tyre meets every legislation for road worthiness. Worldwide approvals include a.o. DOT, GSO and now also E4 for Europe.

Especially designed for the heavy weights of commercial armoured vehicles, this tyre offers a number of advantages over competing tyres:

  • The unique 1,800kg payload
  • Less rolling noise and vibrations
  • Up to 25% more effective braking
  • Up to 20% less wear and tear

In addition to that, the H/T (Highway/Terrain) profile allows for use on- and off-road.

This tyre (275/70R18) is available at TSS International BV.

The JRZ-Maxxis Bravo HT770 275/70R18 128/125Q 12PR is suitable for among others, the following vehicles:

  • Toyota LC200 V8
  • Mercedes G-Class
  • Nissan Patrol
  • Chevrolet Suburban
  • Mitsubishi Pajero