ESG and 2d3 Sensing has delivered an enhanced motion imagery processing, exploitation, and dissemination system to the German Navy. This capability was integrated into an existing Maritime Patrol Aircraft mission support system by ESG and was designed to enhance the ability of German naval personnel to exploit video data captured by an existing sensor mounted on the aircraft.

2d3 Sensing staff assisted with the integration task, ensuring that mapping data could be viewed within the TacitView software and that metadata burnt into the image stream could be read in real time, re-digitised, and used as part of the exploitation workflow. A Web Map Server suite was provided by ESG. 2d3 Sensing also provided training for a small group of German Navy and ESG staff. The total time from project start to operational use was just 9 weeks. ESG’s use of the 2d3 Sensing suite of software illustrates the software’s ability to be rapidly installed, adapted, and deployed for operational use, while utilizing standard commercial off-the-shelf hardware. 2d3 Sensing’s TacitView software, coupled with ESG’s system integration expertise, provides the German Navy with the best suited solution, rapidly deployable, full-featured PED capability, ready at a moment’s notice.

ESG is independent of specific software manufacturers and chose 2d3 Sensing to support this project. Through this engagement, ESG and 2d3 Sensing have built a strong and positive relationship and are now working in partnership to explore further global business opportunities. .

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