Elmon have announced the release of the new "curvy" bulletproof vest for women.

"We had the concept, yet we wanted to be able to provide a bulletproof vest that would fit perfectly to the female body curves offering maximum comfort possible," said Elmon’s general manager at the International DSEI show held in London 2011.

Many questioned why Elmon, as a leading manufacturer, had not already included a female vest in its product range.

Onlookers heard from the professionals that their main target was not to just launch a new product regardless of comfort, functionality and structural key points.

Elmon’s female vest combining protection level IIIA per NIJ 0101.04, low blunt trauma effect, positive flotation, UV and moisture resistance to high comfort has already won the battle in many European countries, since it has been chosen by Belgium, France and Finland Police officers to protect them in their everyday duty life.