Military forces stationed around the world all share a common problem when it comes to battling environmental factors in the field. Extreme temperature conditions coupled with high fuel costs have made it difficult for warfighters to avoid heat exhaustion and fatigue without amplifying energy use.

As fuel costs continue to increase, DHS Systems continues its efforts towards developing more energy efficient products. The company’s ultimate goal is to minimize risk and maximize security in all areas proven to be problematic for warfighters, including the issue of energy consumption.

The MX Solar Shade is one of the energy-efficient products from DHS Systems that is designed specifically as a means to combat high temperatures and the costs of accommodating such treacherous conditions.

The MX Solar Shade serves a variety of purposes. First and foremost, when placed above a shelter, the solar shade significantly reduces heat load within, helping troops to fight off the effects of heat exposure.

Pre-attached collapsible supports keep the Solar Shade elevated 12 inches from the shelter’s surface, which maximizes shade efficacy and enables continuous airflow. The open-knitted material integrated within the solar shade allows for breezes to freely pass through the shade, maintaining a more comfortable temperature for military personnel inside the shelter.

The MX Solar Shade also protects from harmful UVA rays and UVB rays. UVA is blocked at approximately 86.3%, or 320-400nm and UVB at approximately 84.3%, or 280-320 nm. An MX Solar Shade covering the MX Shelter provides an 85% Shading Factor resulting in a 15°F to 20°F temperature differential.

The MX Solar Shade weighs in at 86lbs (39kg) and has a length and width of 36.7ft x 23.8ft (11.2 x 7.3 m.). Its packed dimensions are 47in x 26in x 72in (119in x 66in x 183in cm.) and its packed volume is 50.9 cu. ft. (1.4 cu. m.). No additional area is necessary to deploy the MX Solar Shade, as it is fully supported by the foundation of the MX Shelter.

DHS is committed to continuing its development of energy efficient solutions for the military. "The company believes the MX Solar Shade is only one factor in energy efficient shelter technology and support equipment. It will be a combination of the Solar Shade, the Intelligent Power Technology along with insulated liners that will truly result in an energy efficient solution," says Marcel Branis, Vice President of Manufacturing.