DOLL recently reported the loading of a crawler excavator on a four-axle panther semi low-loader. A seven-axle panther semi low-loader has now been used with an even heavier payload.

Earlier this year, the German company sat. Industrie-Abbruch GmbH expanded its vehicle fleet by a compact and reliable heavy-duty trailer, which was recently used for the loading of a 75t Liebherr crawler excavator, type 954 with front reach. The loading operation itself was handled very easily and quickly as the crawler excavator was able to drive on the trailer’s platform via stable double ramps without having to block any roads. At the dot of 10pm the excavator was securely lashed and the panther semi low-loader was ready for night transportation.

Being short, light, compact and versatile the telescopic trailer captivates by a high payload of 85.5t and a dead weight including ramps of only 23.4t, which guarantees that the gross vehicle weight is less than 40t for empty runs. As the seven-axle panther trailer features a loading height of 850mm a long, heavy and expensive low-bed combination was considered unnecessary. Furthermore, the trailer scores with an extremely large (width: 800 mm) and deep excavator recess to securely deposit excavator booms and accessories.

DOLL wishes its customer safe journeys and looks forward to reporting about the next spectacular loading process.