Max Bogl

For more than 80 years, Max Bögl has been well known as the leading technology and service company in the construction sector.

Being the largest privately-owned construction company in Germany, Max Bögl is not only a competent partner on its home market but also abroad. The range of services covers all areas of the modern building industry. Another important foothold has been created in the field of renewable energies with the development of the hybrid tower system Max Bögl.

The company can realise all customised individual services, from planning to execution, independently. Especially the transport of wind power towers, which were initially proven to be a logistical challenge. Therefore, a vehicle that adapts flexibly to road conditions was an indispensible prerequisite to be able to transport concrete components and steel towers to their definite locations.

Eventually, Max Bögl found a competent partner by turning to DOLL to meet these challenges. At the same time the collaboration was a good opportunity for DOLL to revive business with transport solutions for the wind energy sector. As a result of this cooperation DOLL developed the tower adapter which is especially suitable for the transport of wind power towers and completes the existing DOLL product range of semi-trailers and self-steering trailers for all kinds of wind energy components.

The tower adapter combination for Max Bögl consists of a 3-axle truck, a 3-axle dolly and a 5-axle self-steering trailer. It is ideally suitable for the transportation of wind power towers of different lengths and an inner diameter of 2,500mm resp. an outer diameter of 4,500mm. By adjusting the lifting height through hydraulic cylinders, the driving level flexibly adapts to topographical requirements, allowing transport companies to use the shortest possible routes.