The British railway industry is booming, with DOLL and Lawsons Haulage benefiting together.

Being a very successful and steadily growing company in the heavy haulage sector, Lawsons Haulage relies on high-quality trailers to transport heavy cargo safely to its final destination.

As the British railway industry is currently experiencing a boom, it goes without saying that Lawsons Haulage Ltd. plays a significant role in this upswing by contributing its long-term experience regarding heavy transports.

In specific terms, the cooperation between DOLL and Lawsons Haulage resulted from a transport project of Network Rail Ltd. for panels weighing 1t per 1m length.

As a result of construction these panels are not self-supporting and for this reason there was a risk of deflection not only for the panels but also for the trailer itself. This is why Lawsons Haulage particularly focused on a high quality trailer and found DOLL as a competent partner to fulfil their requirements.

In August 2013, a four-axle VARIO platform semi-trailer was delivered which was especially developed to transport panels up to a payload of approximately 55t.

In addition to a very high central frame avoiding any deflection of the trailer and panels, another significant criterion is a 2,500 mm long overhang extension which serves as counter weight and which can easily be mounted and demounted with a forklift.

For several months now, Lawsons Haulage has applied the platform semi-trailer successfully in practice. The company is so impressed by its quality that they placed an order for a second one with DOLL in February this year.