In the previous newsletter edition DOLL already reported on the production of the new generation of seven-axle HET. With a payload of 72t they are able to carry heavy tracked vehicles such as the Leopard 2 and therefore form part of the standard repertoire of the Armed Forces’ vehicle fleet. In the meantime, seven of these vehicles have been handed over.

The seven-axle semi-low loaders are equipped with swing axles of which six axle lines are steered by a hydraulic forced steering, guaranteeing an optimal turning behaviour; the total lift peaks at 610mm. The gooseneck ensures a hydraulic compensation between the running gears and the neck’s cylinders, which provides additional flexibility. In this way, semi-trailers of this dimension can easily drive over knolls and bridges as well as pass deep hollows without one axle being overcharged.

Moreover, the DOLL transport solution offers all low-loader components for an optimised cargo securing: several container locks serve a flexible container transport in the respective country. In addition to that, the vehicles score with a multitude of lockable storage boxes to keep chains, tools and lashing materials secure.

Heavily flexible – Fifth wheel adaption on Iveco trucks

Modern technology and missions abroad require higher flexibility in the German Armed Forces’ vehicle fleet – therefore it was time for change. In 2013, the coupling height of six protected tractors for semi-trailers that are already in use for the transportation of tank semi-trailers was increased from 1,412mm to 1,662mm by mounting a cone bearing intermediate frame. After a short reconstruction time of less than one hour the three-axle Iveco trucks are even more flexible in application and now compatible with a three-axle Panther semi low-loader with a payload of 30t.

Platform bodies for PTV, because safety has the highest priority

Last year, DOLL also supplied the German Armed Forces with platform bodies for PTV (protected transport vehicles) of the 5t and 15t weight classes that attach high priority to protecting its crews.

In the 15t payload class the lot fell upon thirteen low torsion units which are connected to an 8 x 8 Iveco truck. Seven of these platform bodies were shipped in the past year, the rest will be due for delivery by the middle of 2014.

As far as the 5t weight class is concerned more than 80 of originally 110 torsion free platform bodies destined for the Daimler Zetros 4 x 4 were handed over. Delivery for the remaining 25 superstructures is to be effected still this year.

Both body versions are characterised by a comprehensive storage concept with a multitude of steel boxes and the final camouflage pattern for the whole vehicle.

On the way to new regions

In 2013, DOLL won the Indonesian Army as a major international customer for military vehicles. The scope of supply included eight three-axle semi low-loaders of which three were designed with winch equipment. All vehicles have been on the way to Indonesia since December 2013 with an estimated time of arrival in February.

The HET will especially be used for the transportation of the heavy tracked vehicle Leopard 2 which is actually being procured by the Indonesian Army. Special equipment features are three twin-tyred pendulum axle lines with hydraulic steering and suspension that enable a payload of approx. 70t and a basic width of 3.40m. The suspension travel of 620mm provides an optimum degree of mobility and manoeuvrability.

With these deliveries DOLL demonstrates once again its military competency and the quality of its products, which will certainly be highly appreciated by its new customer as well.