BlueSpace Federal, a provider of Multi-Level Secure (MLS) applications and pioneer of the MLS 2.0 approach, and SolarWinds (SWI), a provider of powerful, affordable IT management software, have announced a partnership to enable SolarWinds software solutions to operate across security domains by making use of BlueSpace MLS 2.0 technology.

BlueSpace will offer a new version of their product Sentinel that works with SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) to enable cross domain capabilities.

BlueSpace and SolarWinds will jointly promote the product to customers in the US Federal Government. The combined solution enables a single display, high side view from the SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console (EOC) to provide unified visibility in a consolidated network operations center that allows users to monitor multiple networks at different classification levels.

The resulting capability increases cyber situational awareness and improves decision making and response times.

"We believe the new version of BlueSpace Sentinel will provide agency IT professionals a comprehensive and affordable way to manage IT operations in a cross domain environment."

"We have had a number of defence and intelligence customers ask about cross-domain capabilities to do their jobs better," said David Kimball, VP of federal sales, SolarWinds.

"Together with BlueSpace’s cross-domain technology and expertise and SolarWinds’ powerful and easy-to-use product framework, we believe the new version of BlueSpace Sentinel will provide agency IT professionals a comprehensive and affordable way to manageIT operations in a cross domain environment."

Pat Motola, SEO and president, BlueSpace Federal, said: "SolarWinds products have become increasingly popular solutions for IT professionals in the federal government.

"Those users are now asking for cross-domain capabilities. The new version of BlueSpace Sentinel is the first of its kind to bring together affordable commercial, off-the-shelf technologies to provide centralised, global and cross domain network, server and application monitoring."

The SolarWinds EOC resides on the high side network and ommunicates with other SolarWinds products on lower networks via Sentinel. Currently, BlueSpace Sentinel supports the following SolarWinds IT management solutions:

  • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor – network performance monitoring, alerting and reporting
  • SolarWinds NetFlow Traffic Analyzer – bandwidth monitoring
  • SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor – agentless application and server monitoring
  • SolarWinds VoIP & Network Quality Manager – VoIP and WAN monitoring and troubleshooting

Additional solutions can be added as part of the planning and installation process based on specific customer needs.

"The SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console is an excellent single domain cyber situational awareness product," said Motola.

"BlueSpace Sentinel installs as a virtual appliance in each security domain and brokers communications between SolarWinds solutions through a guard using MLS 2.0 technology. This approach is highly secure and greatly simplifies cross domain certification."

Sentinel was developed by BlueSpace using the BlueSpace Mission Application Framework (MAF). MAF allows further extensions and customisations to be added to applications to meet mission specific needs, including supporting additional SolarWinds products, creating new visualisations and integrating with existing mission specific applications.

Both BlueSpace and SolarWinds will be showing demonstrations at the Special Operations Forces Industry (SOFIC) Conference in Tampa, Fla., on 14-16 May. BlueSpace will be in booth no. 1816 in the exhibit hall at the Tampa Convention Center, and SolarWinds will be in the SOFIC Virtual Exhibit Hall and will host a hospitality suite at the Tampa Marriott Waterside Hotel and Marina, Meeting Room 9, on 14-15 May at 9am – 6pm.