DOLL’s vehicles are well-suited for the construction industry.

Being the high-tech specialist for transport solutions, the medium-sized company DOLL, based in Oppenau (Black Forest) has established itself as a fixture in the construction industry and is a leader when it comes to meeting the specific requirements of its customers. The technical know-how of its employees, the core competencies in steelwork, pneumatics, hydraulics, electrics and electronics in addition to the long-term experience in trailer manufacturing make DOLL a reliable partner for the building sector.

DOLL’s beginnings in this branch can be dated back to the 70s. At that time, the focus was on developing vehicles especially for the transport of concrete parts consisting of a truck and a self-steering trailer which today are manufactured as a combination of a three-axle dolly and a five-axle self-steering trailer.

Since the mid-80s, DOLL has also succeeded in the field of semi low-loaders and low-loaders and serves numerous building companies. The vehicles are particularly suitable for the transportation of concrete components, excavators, wheel loaders, dumpers, milling machines, crushing and screening units, rollers, paving machines and any equipment needed for the daily use at building lots.

In 2009, DOLL developed the panther technology, which is an innovation that revolutionised the construction industry. Maximum safety and profitability as well as the highest flexibility are the top priorities with panther vehicles which have opened entirely new opportunities of transport. However, above all, their long-lasting quality, stable driving performance, lowest loading height and the independent wheel suspension for most difficult terrains make them an indispensable means of transport.

The DOLL semi low-loaders are manufactured in the two basic versions panther and VARIO with a payload of up to 100t. All vehicles can be obtained with two to eight axles, the panther vehicles are even available with up to ten axles. The vehicles of the VARIO series are equipped either with an air or hydraulic suspension. Their axles are rigid, friction or hydraulically steered and meet every requirement in terms of manoeuvrability whereas the axles of the panther series are obtainable with hydraulic suspension and steering ensuring the highest level of manoeuvrability and extremely high loads.

The classification into the panther and VARIO series also applies with the low-loaders. The number of axles with panther vehicles reaches from one to eight; the one of the VARIO trailers is from one to four. Another advantage is that the DOLL low loaders can optionally be produced with a central box or flat-bed frame and a vessel bridge adjustable in width for lower loading heights or payloads. In addition to this, the vehicles are available with a fixed, hinged or lowerable gooseneck version

Whether for civil engineering, road and bridge construction or for the transportation of prefab parts, blacktop or demolition works – DOLL delivers the perfect solution. Let our competencies and experience transform into your benefit.