The latest in under vehicle surveillance technology has been unveiled by Chemring EOD as it launched a high-tech, user-friendly upgrade to its increasingly sought after VehicleScan surveillance system, developed for the defence and security sectors.

Designed to quickly and accurately detect items such as improvised explosive devices, firearms, drugs, contraband and concealed people, the latest VehicleScan system software has much improved usability, with clearer, sharper images that assist with the identification process and enable an increased interrogation speed. The operating system has a more user-friendly layout, which means the scanning of vehicles, is both faster and easier.

Based on feedback from existing customers, the upgraded VehicleScan system now has the ability to be operated in foreign languages, with a host of language variants available.

All new versions of the system will contain this latest upgrade. The upgraded VehicleScan software is also compatible with older variants of the system and is available, as an upgrade, to existing customers.

Paul Taylor, sales and marketing director at Chemring, commented: "At Chemring EOD, we always welcome feedback from our customers. We work very much as a team with our partners and are constantly looking at ways to improve and innovate, investing in the future in order to develop our products further and fully meet the requirements of our customers."

VehicleScan is already widely used at high profile events such as G20 Summits, the Pan American Games in Mexico and the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, proving the exceptional quality and reliability of the system.