Bertin Technologies will be showcasing their latest products at the sixth annual CBRNe Convergence Congress & Exhibition in San Diego, California USA from 29 – 31 October 2013.

At the event, Bertin Technologies will be presenting its CBRN equipment including the Coriolis® RECON bio-aerosol sampler and the Second Sight® standoff real-time gas detector.

The Coriolis® Recon is a portable, lightweight bio-aerosol sampler used by CBRN teams or first responders to detect biological warfare agents.

The Second Sight® gas detector enables civilian and industrial authorities to detect gas clouds through day-and-night visualisation and with source localisation in real-time at a distance of up to 5km.

Staff will be available at booth number 62 to answer any questions about Bertin Technologies or to discuss business arrangements with interested parties.

CBRNe Convergence events attract professionals from the interior state security industry to discuss the latest technological developments, showcase new products and make important business contacts.