The start of 2009 saw numerous changes to DHS Systems’ line of DRASH utility shelter transport (UST) trailers. The alterations were made as part of an effort to standardise the trailer line.

Throughout the planning stage engineers based their designs on the TMSS medium and large systems also manufactured by the company.

Engineering manager Jianyao Mou said: “We wanted to model our trailers on the TMSS trailers because those systems have passed all US army requirements. Their designs have already proven to be durable, reliable and what our customers need.”

Although they were only made available this year, the remodelled trailers already appear to be beneficial to DHS Systems and its customers.

Jianyao Mou said: “Because most of our trailers now share common parts, we have been able to reduce inventory and manufacturing costs.

“And because they share similar designs, the DRASH trailer line now has a distinct look, making it easier for our customers to become familiarised with the entire line. If someone has operated one of these trailers, they will quickly learn how to use any of the other models.”

As well as standardising its trailers, DHS Systems has added three more units to its line of intelligence power technology trailers. Along with the HP-2C/288 IPT (originally named the HP-2C/308), the HP-4G/18 IPT and HP-4G/33 IPT trailers include a digital smart system for increased efficiency.

Trailers with multiple generators can utilise the digital control system to run the generators in parallel or for primary back-up. The IPT trailers also have load shedding and anti-wet stacking capabilities.

Project engineer Eric Wescott said: “The IPT trailers are definitely part of a movement towards making our equipment reach its greatest efficiency and giving our customers greater control while operating our trailers.”