Zeppelin has recently completed an order for a rescue station for the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Compact Hospital shall mainly serve as a Primary Health Care System in case of natural disasters. Azerbaijan often suffers from earthquakes with significant impact on certain areas of the country. The Rescue Station is thought as a direct and immediate response to this kind of incidents.

The Zeppelin Rescue Station is based on 10ft shelters with one or more extensions that serve as first aid and operating room as well as for ICU and as laboratory. The fix shelter panels allow the installation of sinks and cabinets to floor, roof and side walls. The shelters are connected to inflatable tents that are used for patient accommodation and for transfer. The hospital system is completed by 20ft containers for power and water supply as well as for sanitary and transport purposes.

Zeppelin is a specialist company in the supply of mobile hospitals that are designed for customer needs. The Rescue Stations pays a particular attention to disaster management. It can be transported by all means of transport (even by helicopter) which makes it the ideal solution for operations in the utmost difficult geographical environment. At site the system is made operative within a couple of hours only without the need of any heavy machinery. The whole system can start work fully independent from any external source.