Augusta Westland has announced that the Ministries of Finance and Interior of Bulgaria have ordered an AW139 medium twin helicopter, fully equipped with a state of the art COFDM downlink system supplied by Enterprise Control Systems Ltd.
The main mission of the helicopter is to provide a reliable air surveillance capability on the outer EU borders.
This latest sale confirms the growing success of ECS’s range of COFDM Uplink/Downlink systems, which are currently supplied to a large number of International helicopter providers and Police Forces alike.

The Bulgarian border Police, thanks to ECS’s outstanding equipment capabilities, will be able to provide a greatly enhanced aerial policing service in the country as well as a comprehensive SAR capability over the sea and in mountainous areas.
Numerous law enforcement and security agencies around the world have chosen ECS to supply Uplink/Downlink equipment to fulfil their requirements.

Having successfully developed a Full Motion Video (FMV) secure microwave link and High Definition (HD) broadcast quality microwave link using high grade encryption, ECS have taken the challenge of developing true end-to-end data networking. This superior capability provides the user with real-time imagery and data that can aid significantly in the intelligence gathering process and air surveillance situations. The COFDM system includes the capability to uplink tactical information such as real-time video, JPEG files, camera telemetry such as Pan, Tilt and Zoom and data to the source.
The equipment has therefore proved to be crucial worldwide, in situations such as law enforcement, VIP/Corporate transport and ongoing Government missions.