I.L.E.E. AG introduce their high-power infrared pulse laser designator, designed for long range use with night vision equipment

Fitted in conjunction with thermal cameras or night video systems, the device emits an infrared laser beam of close to one watt of optical power which is slow pulsed for ease of identification among the various ground clutter of residual light sources. This makes it the ideal target designator especially suitable to guide aircraft or helicopter from an elevated ground or naval observation position.

The powerful laser beam is visible for an extended range of several kilometres. The observer uses the laser to point to the target on the ground, and the ground troops, boats or aircraft are thus guided to the otherwise hidden target. A must for optical surveillance modules on forward observation vehicles for the guidance of combat unit’s or border observation lookouts.

The device has a narrow beam of less than 1mRad divergence for extra long range. Once a hidden target is identified, the slow pulsed infrared laser beam can be used to highlight the target position to the ground operating troops or airborne units, pinpointing the exact location of an object. The thermally controlled laser is watertight and has a wide ambient temperature range for use in almost any environment.

Also available and already fielded is a battery powered hand held target designator with variable optical beam setting which is especially suitable to guide troops on the ground.