With the heightened state of security in the United States, Smiths-Heimann partnered up with Medical Coaches Inc, to design and build a state of the art mobile x-ray scan system to help fight the war on terrorism.

The mobile unit is utilized in situations when freight or mail is loaded or unloaded and must be checked for Customs or security purposes. The body is insulated and features heat and air conditioning to insure optimal operation regardless of climatic conditions.

Installed is a 7000 watt diesel generator, the Scan Trailer can be operated even in locations where no outside power is available. A lead-in cable is provided for use with shore power.

Designed for optimum in security and safety, the mobile unit has windows for visual contact an intercom for audible contact and emergency shut down switches in three locations. The custom built trailer has been designed so that a wide variety of scan systems can be installed.

About Medical Coaches: Throughout our 50 year history, Medical Coaches has expanded in many distinct directions. We are currently in 110 different countries and have built over 20,000 mobile units to date. Medical Coaches has made a long-term commitment to the special-purpose mobile unit industry. We protect our competitive advantage through high-quality standards, continuous product innovation, modernization, and the maintenance of a highly trained and motivated work force.