BlockPhone 120 is a high-power tactical portable jammer, designed for outdoor use. This entirely adjustable modular system allows for quick deployment and is easy to use.

BP120 can be equipped with 1 to 5 modules (bands), each module (band) being dedicated to a specific cellular frequency range, approx coverage per unit 80-100 meters.

In order to precisely protect the area, BP120 output power can be adjusted by the user. Each module (band) transmission power and frequency can be adjusted independently to control the jamming density.

The BP120 is supplied in a strong ABS hard case Peli 1500 or 1510 (depending on number of bands), for applications requiring increased transmission power or five bands the system is supplied in a 19in Rack. BP120 is available in 5 bands housed in a Peli case, depending on the configuration of the device (frequency bands and power per frequency band).

Options include external battery, charger, external omni-directional antennas & directional antennas.