US Marine Sgt Ed Hatch, winner of the 2009 photo competition, was presented with his first prize of a Harley Davidson® FatBoy® motorcycle last week in Jacksonville, NC, USA. Sgt Hatch has recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan, where he took his winning photograph while on a patrol in the Morghab valley.

Upon being presented with his bike, Sgt Hatch said “The Harley is great! I simply wouldn’t be able to afford to go out and buy a bike this nice, but with the competition your company is putting on, at least a few people get their shot at having one. I really didn’t think the photo I had would win the competition, but it’s amazing what one little snapshot can do. I can’t thank your company enough for my bike!”

The HESCO Photo Competition is open to anyone, and all entrants have to do to be in with the chance of winning a fantastic Harley Davidson FatBoy motorcycle is to take a great photo of HESCO products being used in the field. All photos can be easily uploaded at the HESCO website, and the competition is open until 31st December 2010.