Brugg’s cable assembly solutions for the broadcast industry are as strong as those for military missions.

Broadcast, especially outside broadcasting, requires similar robustness for the material as in military operations. Out of the BRUtough military field cable, Brugg has developed the BRUcast fibre-optic cable for applications in the dynamic harsh environment of the broadcasting industry or film studios.

The BRUcast has a compact design, is highly flexible and is strong enough for repeated cable windings in hundreds of services. The blue coloured cables and connectors are matching perfectly in colour keying technique at broadcasts or on the film set.

Both studio and outside broadcasting require crush and impact resistant cables and BRUcast fulfills these requirements.

The BRUcast is available with two or four single, or multimode standard fibres, which enable broadband connection.

We have the facility and knowledge to mount any standard connector to achieve the compatibility with your actual systems and cameras. The rugged, environmentally sealed design of these connectors gives reliable use in indoor and outdoor applications, and withstands cable twist or pull and water immersion.

The functionality of the cables can be tested after service with Brugg’s cable measuring case so that they are ready for your next broadcast operation.