Whole-body scanning in the field will become possible for the Norwegian Defence Forces following the award of a contract to Marshall SV, part of Marshall Land Systems (MLS), for a CT Scanner fitted in a shelter.

The Norwegians will be using the mobile scanner either with one of the two Role 2 hospitals already delivered or has the capability to be used as a stand alone facility where ever mobile CT Scanner assistance is required.

The CT Scanner, a Philips Brilliance 16 computed tomography scanner, has been fitted into a Marshall expandable shelter, the first time this has been done. It provides both medical staff and patients with a safe environment in which to take and analyse whole body X-Ray images.

“The development and production of the CT Scanner demonstrates Marshall’s willingness to attempt the very difficult and succeed,” said Peter Callaghan, Chief Executive of Marshall Land Systems. “The people who have made this all work have demonstrated not only their agility in meeting the customer’s requirements but also their integrity and attention to quality by working together as an efficient and very effective team.”

During the testing process the fully fitted shelter, mounted on the load bed of a logistic vehicle, was driven around the demanding Millbrook Proving Ground test track near Bedford and demonstrated its resilience and its mobility.

The scanner has been fitted into a Marshall 1-to-3 expandable shelter which gives the facility greater space yet makes it ISO container compliant for transportation.

The facility is fully lead screened including a cubicle for the operator and is fitted with safety features associated with similar facilities in a fixed hospital environment. There is a motorised patient bed, a UPS protected computer system and the facility is fully air conditioned.

The Philips Brilliance 16 CT Scanner enables operators to investigate trauma, cardiac, and bariatric patients. The Brilliance 16-slice configuration provides extensive coverage, thin slices, and spatial resolution. This system, with its proven complete performance, allows impressive image quality for cardiac, ortho, whole-body, and advanced application imaging.