Radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) account for the largest proportion of casualties in today’s asymmetric warfare environment. Focusing on force convoy and VIP protection and to counter the associated RCIED threats, ECS has now completed a major upgrade to the long-standing ‘Falcon’ RF inhibitor to include blocking of 3G bands as well as the GSM bands and all the previous features. This improved version is the new ECS Falcon Plus RF inhibitor.

The Falcon Plus is a vehicle-mounted, wide-band, software configurable radio frequency inhibitor system, providing an effective response to the modern and varied RCIED threats including the new added feature of a 3G inhibitor channel.

With a powerful 50W twin channel transmitter, Falcon Plus is an ideal countermeasure for this type of application. The system may also be dismounted into a static location for event, patrol-base or venue protection. Falcon Plus utilises sophisticated direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology to provide a power-efficient and effective radio inhibiting source. The pre-programmed data fill is developed by ECS in conjunction with a bespoke threat analysis. This analysis is designed to address the specific RCIED threat evolution within the customer’s area of operations.

Falcon Plus has two independent 10W GSM inhibitor channels to cover low and high GSM bands and a 20W 3G inhibitor channel. The Falcon Plus is available with a unique vehicle antenna system designed to cover the very high frequency (VHF), ultra high frequency (UHF) and GSM bands. ECS is able to design and test a bespoke ground plane antenna system based on the customer’s own vehicle in order to optimise antenna performance. ECS can provide a user-friendly automated test equipment (ATE) unit for in-theatre testing of Falcon Plus equipment.