The Hamilton County Health Department in Indiana, USA recently purchased the Reeves ICP. Along with a deployable rapid assembly shelter (DRASH) MX shelter, the system will serve as a mobile point-of-dispensing site.

Having purchased a DRASH shelter to be used as an alternate care site for one of the county’s hospitals in the past, health department officials turned to the ICP as an answer to a potential crisis in which medication would need to be provided to many people in as little an amount of time as possible.

While medicine is usually distributed at fixed locations during a large disaster, Hamilton officials needed a system that could act as a mobile clinic to reach people in a small-scale incident.

“We needed a system that would take management of a public health crisis closer to the scene,” explains Chad Jenkins of the Hamilton County Health Department. “That’s where the ICP came in. It’s the perfect size and has the capability for our vehicles to tow it.”

The ICP, combined with a DRASH MX shelter also purchased by the county, will have many applications. Because of the shelter’s adaptable design, the ICP will be able to act as a drive-thru clinic or accommodate patients on foot. The system will serve as a command post for staff during a health crisis as well.

Working with Project KID, an organization that helps children who have survived a disaster or emergency event, Hamilton County will also use the ICP to give children of volunteers working at a point of dispensing site a secure environment.

Pleased with the Reeves ICP’s unique and flexible design, the Hamilton County Health Department believes they have chosen the right system for the county.

“There aren’t too many competitive products out there” says Jenkins. “This is the best concept for a department of our size. A small health department or agency doesn’t need a large trailer-shelter combination. This is the perfect system.”

The Reeves ICP was also recently purchased by Fort Huachuca in Arizona to be used as a mobile classroom.