The small footprint of Eimco Water Technologies’ Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) provides major logistical benefits and savings over traditional packaged deployable systems, but still provides an extremely high standard of wastewater treatment; creating a better and safer camp environment, through reducing the potential of waterborne disease and foul sewage odours.

Requiring a much-reduced number of containers during transportation and installation, this proven MBR Technology™ is typically 50% less tank volume than conventional constructions.

Modular and easily expandable for future flow increases, the Eimco Water Technologies’ MBR Technology process utilises simple flat-sheet membrane panels housed in stainless steel cases, aerated by a coarse bubble diffuser system.

The MBR’s membrane panels are manufactured with an average pore size of 0.4 microns to give a high quality, fully disinfected effluent typically >6 log removal of coli forms and >4 log removal of virus. In operation, the ultra filtration range provides an effective pore size of less than 0.01 microns.

Long lasting (expected membrane life beyond five years of continuous operation), Eimco Water Technologies’ MBR requires no primary or secondary settlement stages and no additional tertiary treatment or UV stages to achieve a quality:

  • Typically better than 5:5:5mg/L BOD:suspended solids:ammonia
  • Free of pathogens, viruses and bacteria
  • Complies with the World Health Organisation standards for unlimited irrigation
  • Complies with the International Maritime Organisation bacteriological limits
  • Complies with the EU Bathing Water Directive
  • Compliance with the State of California Water Recycling Criteria (Title 22)