Nicomatic announces its policy to achieve the EN 9100 certificate by the end of 2009. Indeed, one of the company’s priorities is to further develop their interconnect solutions for the avionics and space field. Olivier Nicollin, Nicomatic’s CEO, said: “One of the few existing methods to reach a strong long-term position in this field is to fully invest oneself by clearly placing the company in the aeronautics.”

More than a simple label, the EN 9100 certificate implicates the development of a quality system in permanence directed at the improvement of systems, products, services and performances. Olivier Nicollin said: “The first benefit that we will certainly gain from the EN 9100 is to be recognised worldwide as a partner of choice to the aerospace industry, and that’s what we want.”

The EN 9100 European standard includes ISO9001:2001 quality management system requirements and specifies 30% additional requirements for the aerospace industry. It is applicable to OEMs, but also increasingly applicable to suppliers like Nicomatic.