Theissen Training Systems, a leading manufacturer of live fire target systems, will be participating as a key event partner in this year’s Levels of Fidelity (LoF) live simulation in combat training symposium taking place in September.

The event, now in its sixth year, has established itself as the premiere event in the combat simulation systems industry, and as such has become the leading platform from which to showcase the latest training and simulation technologies.

Taking place in Waldenstadt, Switzerland, on the 4th and 5th of September, LoF6 will be hosted by Colonel Fenner, the commander of the Swiss Army’s Land Forces Training Centre, and will be attended by government representatives from Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, the UK and the USA, as well as officials from NATO.
The latest live combat simulation training technologies will be demonstrated by global industry leaders such as RUAG, Comet, SAAB and, of course, Theissen.

Commenting on the importance of the type of live combat simulation training that LoF focuses on, Christian Peipers, Comet’s director of defence products revealed: “Training is about learning to do the right thing. In a military scenario, this action must be carried out under tremendous physical and emotional pressure. We are here for the next two days to look at the tools and the fidelity of this live combat training and to demonstrate just what is available for use in the modern CTC.”

Mr Peiper added that the effectiveness of combat training technology lay with its ability to replicate the authenticity of a combat situation: “With a modern music system, one can put on a CD and by closing one’s eyes, can imagine quite easily that the orchestra is in the same room as the listener. With a high-fidelity combat training centre with the best weapon effect simulators, the soldier can imagine that he is in the middle of a very real battle, complete with the stresses and strains that this creates.”

Among the training solutions Theissen will be showcasing at the event are its state-of-the-art live-fire targets. Ranging in size to represent anything from a large armoured target such as a tank or APC down to an individual infantryman, the targets can be used statically, or as moving targets at a speed of up to 30kph. Theissen’s unique LOMAH (Location of Miss and Hit) sensor systems means that the targets will not only register hits from supersonic projectiles, but also identify the location of near misses within a user-defined area, allowing for an unparalleled level of training feedback.

More information regarding LoF6 can be found via the link on the Events section of this website.