DHS Systems conducted system training for its HP-2C/308 Intelligent Trailer on December 8-12. The exercise, held at Fort Bliss, Texas, included a digitally controlled battery support center trailer designed to provide environmental control and power to shelters that are part of Intelligent Trailer program.

The program joins the proven dependability and EMI features of the TMSS Medium HP-2C/185 trailer with a digital smart system that lowers fuel consumption and increases efficiency. Features include a state-of-the-art digital control panel, an automatic start / stop feature for more efficient generator function, load sharing to allow users to connect multiple generators together, and a power management system that will turn off low priority loads as needed.

During the operator level training, military personnel learned how to operate the deployable rapid assembly shelter (DRASH) trailer’s ECU and generator to power the shelters. Vehicle start-up and maintenance procedures were also demonstrated.

By participating in the exercise, DRASH was able to work alongside the command group that will receive these new trailers to gain insight into possible future programming and engineering changes.

The command group also gave DRASH feedback on their newest technology.

“The feedback was very positive,” says Customer Service representative Jason Kerr, who led the training.

“They liked the system and recognized that this is a much more intelligent system than we’ve seen in the past with much greater capability.”