BONN/OSTFILDERN, March 2006 – The Telerob company of Ostfildern, Germany has just scored a major success in marketing its new telemax bomb disposal robot, first unveiled last year.

In a recent global request for tenders, Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior specified a requirement for a compact EOD robot. Its mission would be to support existing tEODor robots - already in service with Germany’s former Federal Border Guard (BGS) for many years - in situations where the tEODor would be too large to operate, e.g. in aircraft and public transport scenarios.

During multiple field trials, the Telerob robot, which is literally bristling with innovative technologies, demonstrated that it was the system best able to meet the extremely demanding requirements of Germany’s new Federal Police. For example, the telemax was the only vehicle which, despite its small dimensions, was capable of opening an aircraft overhead luggage bin and removing a suspicious object.

Telerob is especially proud of the fact that the internationally renowned GSG9 anti-terror force opted for the Telemax over the products of our various German and international rivals, all of whom took part in the competition.

To make sure the Federal Police’s bomb disposal engineers have time to familiarize themselves with the new system prior to the World Cup, Telerob will deliver the first two vehicles in the record time of just three months. This flexibility, coupled with the Swabian robot maker’s reputation for excellent service, was certainly another argument in the Telemax’s favour.

Telerob hopes that this decision will signal further orders from other agencies responsible for the country’s security both at home and abroad.