DHS Technologies’ international subsidiary DHS Systems International based in Hereford, UK and DHS Systems, based in the US, will be unveiling several new innovative solutions and products while holding ongoing demonstrations of its Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelter (DRASH) quick, setup shelters on September 13-16, 2011. The exhibition will be taking place at Defence Security and Equipment International (DSEi) 2011 at the ExCel Centre in London.

At the tradeshow the company will unveil XYTEX 500™, a new shelter technology that is the first of its kind in the industry. Inside the shelter fabric a microscopic bed of nano size spikes lie in wait to puncture the cell walls of invading microbes, inhibiting the most resilient bacteria and microorganisms including mould, mildew and fungus as they come to rest on the shelter’s surface. “XYTEX 500™ has the potential to greatly improve the overall hygiene of a soft-walled shelter for our users,” says Andy Cowling, managing director for DHS Systems International. “Often our shelters are utilised as forward medical surge facilities for their ease of use and proven reliability. Now we can provide our customers with shelters made of fabric withanti-microbial properties.”

Visitors will have the opportunity to see a DRASH shelter set up and taken down by just four people within minutes in regular intervals to demonstrate its rapid deployment capabilities. Modular DRASH shelters, which provide from 3 (33ft2) to 116 (1250ft2) square meters of usable space, are used around the world by military forces as command and control, medical, life support and maintenance facilities. DRASH shelters are available as standalone units or with a shelter support trailer with power generation and HVAC capabilities.

Business development representatives will be on location to show the company’s Trailer Mounted Support System (TMSS), a shelter support trailer equipped with a power generation system. The TMSS attaches to a DRASH shelter and allows units to manoeuvre into forward operating areas and operate in isolation for protracted periods. Additionally, the company is now offering a new line of trailers powered with Intelligent Power Technology™ (IPT). IPT allows users to connect several generators together as part of a single, networked power microgrid, to reduce fuel consumption by 20% at a time when many nations around the world are seeking ways to integrate more energy efficient practices into their armed forces.

The company will also debut a state-of-the-art DRASH X-ray facility to bring enhanced medical imagery closer to causalities to improve patient treatment and survival outcomes. The facility utilises the latest Xograph Healthcare imaging product, the DRGo, and the smallest available DRASH shelter, the C shelter, to create a lightweight and mobile system, which uses digital technology to create almost instantaneous imaging which, unlike normal imaging systems, does not need to be re-calibrated when moved or when the environmental temperature changes. DHS Systems International is also the exclusive distributor of Celox™, a unique haemostatic agent used by everyone from military personnel, to first responders, to hospital staff, to control life-threatening bleeding. Celox™ is currently in service with the UK Army in Afghanistan.

All of the latest DRASH solutions and much more will be located in the US Pavilion Booth N5-495 at DSEi.