The loadbed for the utility variant of the class leading light protected vehicle, Ocelot, is being provided by Marshall Vehicle Engineering (MVE), part of Cambridge-based Marshall Land Systems. The utility variant of Ocelot will soon be leaving for testing in the Australian Department of Defence’s Land 121 Phase 4 project for a protected mobility vehicle – light.

Ricardo, acting for Force Protection Europe, has selected MVE to provide the loadbed based on its experience in providing over 4,500 load beds, so far, to the UK Ministry of Defence for the Support Vehicle programme, a further 1,500 remain to be delivered. MVE has also delivered over 80 loadbeds to Ricardo and Force Protection for the Wolfhound Tactical Support Vehicle in service in Afghanistan. Marshall Vehicle Engineering’s loadbeds feature in a number of companies’ vehicle proposals around the world.

“We are delighted to have been chosen to provide the loadbeds for the utility variant of Ocelot. This contract demonstrates that Marshall Vehicle Engineering has the experience to provide logistic solutions for use in harsh environments on both large and small vehicles,” said Peter Callaghan, chief executive of Marshall Land Systems.

The loadbed utilises a number of Marshall military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) components, including the drop sides and tail boards and was designed by Ricardo. As well as the loadbeds provided for Support Vehicle and Wolfhound, MVE has supplied loadbed systems to Iveco for the LMV and the Renault Sherpa Light.

Ocelot utility can carry palletised loads and loose stores in high-threat areas and is suitable for both military and security users.

Ocelot’s successes in the UK LPPV competition and the early demonstration phase of the Australian Land 121 Phase 4 programme, has generated wide international interest. In the UK the first batch of vehicles, known as Foxhound by the British Army, will be delivered to the Army’s training fleet this year with full delivery of the first 200 scheduled to be completed by Spring 2012.