The SingleBeam Compact laser is a development based on long experience in engineering and manufacturing of lasers ranging from pistol to military infantry rifle applications. The SingleBeam Compact laser already meets the increasing demands on target lasers to be of full usage whatever the conditions require. The rugged design and the small dimensions combined with the low weight makes this laser the preferred choice for the small commando weapon where other targeting devices leave little room for the Laser. The use of economical 1.5 V AAA batteries and sophisticated electronics ascertain the maintaining of stable output power throughout the battery life.

The laser is executed with a red visible beam, or an IR beam invisible to the human eye. The IR wavelength is carefully selected to prevent any possible detection by the naked eye. A protective cap prevents the identification of the laser source from a side angle. The power is factory set to the desired output defined by the tactical requirement of the user. The desired wavelength can be selected from a range of basic laser sources. The laser beam can be adjusted in elevation and azimuth independently. The SingleBeam Compact laser is a truly unique tool, light weight, small and sturdy. The SingleBeam Compact laser can be fitted with any of the following standard inserts.

• Red beam (insert 1)

• Infrared beam (insert 2)