Medical Coaches recently delivered a custom built mobile Canine Trailer to the Saudi Arabian National Guard. This special trailer provides kennels for up to four (4) trained dogs with running water, food dispensers, air conditioning and easily washable floors and walls. The custom kennels provided are removable thru a rear ramp for use outside the trailer if desired.

The front area of the trailer is a living quarters for up to four (4) specially trained dog handlers. Bunks, shower, toilet, cooking, TV/video and relaxation room are also included.

The trailer is fully independent of outside support and can be towed by any conventional tractor. A built-in power generator with back-up emergency generator, large water supply, air conditioning and heat, exterior flood lighting, theft protected doors and locks, European style cabinetry and clothes washer and dryer are only a few of the special features available.

Custom, protected combination lock ‘safes’ are provided to store explosives, ammunition and drugs (if required in air conditioned containers). These materials are then used in the daily training of the dogs.

This trailer allows the canines to be brought directly to the site for performing their ‘inspection’ services. Buildings can be quickly checked for explosives and unwanted intruders; grounds can also be screened for explosives; cars, trucks, trailers and containers can be screened at check points for explosives, weapons, ammunition, drugs and hidden personnel.

Dog handlers are very pleased with the ability to keep their dogs in a safe, consistent controlled environment at all times. They also like the fact that they are in constant contact with their dogs by living in the trailer while on assignment. Handlers say that this trailer allows their dogs to be much more effective in performing their tasks.

This all aluminum trailer is one of many delivered to both Military and Customs Agencies.