AMA have designed and manufactured a compact fuel system with military and peace keeping activities in mind. It encompasses a wide range of operational aspects that allow the operator to dispense, transfer and load various fuels in a safe and monitored fashion and is capable of sustaining numerous military type activities in the field. An added advantage of this unit is that it is able to withstand 2g shock loads in all plains and still remain fully functional, which further enhances its military style capabilities. The unit can be incorporated into a mobile tank system or be operated as a standalone entity.

The unit has its own diesel driven pump unit that supplies hydraulic fluid to the fuel pump which in turn provides the power to the system enabling it to supply and transfer fuel.

The engine has an electric start as its primary form of activation backed up by a secondary system, which is initiated by a manual pull cord, the battery and electrical system also provides power for the localised lighting, cooling fan and warning lights.

In addition the unit also has a NATO standard socket fitted to allow secondary power from another vehicle if it should be required.

This unit is controlled by a pneumatic system when mounted on and integrated with a mobile tank. The system operates the loading, vent and unloading valves to allow each individual function to take place. The air is supplied by the onboard compressor and reservoir.

The inlet and outlet ports are furnished with standard dry break couplings to reduce the possibility of spillages occurring, if minor spillages do take place the unit has its own integral bund to collect any small amounts of fuel that is accidentally discharged under normal operating conditions.

An additional key feature is twin hose reels with interchangeable trigger nozzles for high and low flow rates. The high flow rates are used for directly filling trucks and large vehicles the lower flow rate is used for cars, pickups and jerry can filling.

Each unit is finished in a robust epoxy paint system and has a flexible cover to protect it from adverse weather conditions and the effects of UV degradation. The cover also gives added protection from the ingress of water, dirt and dust when it is mounted on a mobile unit.

The first prototype unit has been released for functional testing and evaluation under field conditions. On completion of this phase of activities, and if it is found to be necessary, AMA will make modifications drawn from the recommendations made by the current customer to further enhance the functionality and capabilities of the unit.

Additional new products

Further new products are reaching completion and will be launched in the next few weeks; these include small aviation fuelling systems mounted in an enclosure which can be used for light aircraft or helicopters at small airfields or onboard maritime vessels.
The next edition is the launch of the AMA new filling station which is fully self- sufficient with its own onboard generator, fuel storage tanks and dispensing system for 3 different products all housed in a 40’ ISO container.

Continuous improvement

AMA remains committed to a program of continuous improvement and capability enhancement, this program is driven largely by customer requests for new and varied applications, to enable them to safely store and distribute fuel and water in some of the most demanding areas of the world. AMA is always pleased to discuss requirements and supply innovative solutions wherever possible.