The latest Zeppelin product is an HF-shielded double-side expandable ISO 20ft shelter in a lightweight aluminium-sandwich structure. The shielded 3:1 shelter combines the characteristics of a high-quality HF-shielded communication cabin with the broad space of an expandable shelter which can be used multi-functionally, as control station, command post or directly for communication purposes.

During the HF-measurement carried out by the Official Testing Body of the German Armed Forces (WTD 81) the Zeppelin-Shelter immediately reached an attenuation level of more than 45dB in an extended operating mode. The shelter was measured within the frequency range from 100 kHz to 1 GHz. One of the reasons for the excellent shielding result is the hydraulic extension mechanism which does not only support the shielding level but also an easy handling when the shelter is vehicle-mounted.

In a further development step it is intended to adapt the attenuation of the expandable shelter to the level of the non-expandable NATO-codified communication cabin (60 dB). The shelter will have its first public appearance at the IDEX Military Show in Abu Dhabi on February 18-22, 2007.