DHS Technologies has displayed the latest in mobile infrastructure technology at the company’s first-ever capabilities demonstration. The event, which was held near DHS’s manufacturing facility in Huntsville, Alabama, was attended by military officials and first responders from as far away as South America.

Members of the DHS business development team first came up with the idea of holding a capabilities demonstration earlier this year. Hoping that the event would allow customers to see the company’s wide range of products firsthand, representatives chose to include products from both its line of deployable rapid assembly shelter (DRASH) systems and Reeves EMS emergency medical supplies.

“Quite often, we attend tradeshows and people don’t have enough time to learn about all of our different products and how we can provide a solution that meets their needs,” explains Brad Stobb, a business development representative at DHS who helped plan the demo. “This was a chance for people to see several of our products up close and truly discover everything we offer.”

Among the products on display at the demonstration were several DRASH systems that have recently hit the market, including shelters featuring advanced thermal insulation and radio frequency interference (RFI)- blocking material, as well as the new DRASH unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) shelter system.

“People were extremely impressed by the versatility of the DRASH design,” says Stobb. “They couldn’t believe that, using one type of shelter, we can create a command and control center, life support area, field hospital, or any other facility they may need.”

The company also displayed a three-lane Reeves First Response Decontamination System and the Reeves incident command post (ICP) trailer – a unique trailer and shelter combination that has been used by both military and first response personnel to support operations across the country.

In addition to its newest shelter systems, DHS displayed various support equipment. Several shelters were outfitted with deployable command and control equipment (DC2E) – a line of communications equipment that joins various feeds of information onto single or multiple screens, allowing users to view images from across the battlefield or incident scene.

Attendees also had the opportunity to view several digitally-controlled, energy efficient DRASH intelligent power technology (IPT) trailers at the demo. The trailers, which allow users to connect several generators together as part of a single, highly-intelligent power grid, help reduce fuel consumption and provide users with greater flexibility in the field.

“People were extremely impressed with the DRASH IPT trailers. At a time when the military is looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption, these trailers are truly changing the way power is supplied to the battlefield,” says Stobb.

An opportunity to meet with customers from throughout the Huntsville area, Stobb says that DHS already plans to hold another capabilities demonstration next year.