In December 2009, RUAG delivered the first simulation plant with the, named ‘Simulateur de Tir d’Equipage et de Section’ (STES) to France. The French procurement agency (DGA) declared itself extremely satisfied with the innovative training system and has placed an additional order worth several million Euros for further simulation plants.

French troops are using the already available simulator to train for real deployments with their modern wheeled infantry fighting vehicle VBCI (Vehicule Blindé de Combat d’Infanterie). The simulation plant STES consists of four cabins in which the spaces for the commander and gunner are precisely replicated. In addition to training for combat situations with the battle management system (SIT), the deployment of communications can also be trained.

Using the simulation plant STES, army members are trained step-by-step for operations in the deployment zone. Training is provided both individually as well as in groups, consequently providing ideal preparation for deployment.

Philippe Lemascon, programme manager for the wheeled infantry fighting vehicles, is hugely impressed and speaks of a quantum leap: “With STES, the French Army will, for the first time, have a trainer equipped with a simulated management information system (SIT) instead of a real system.”

RUAG is executing this order together with its French partner company GAVAP, which as a general contractor is responsible for the infrastructure, the installation and for certain maintenance aspects. The total procurement volume entails 12 STES, comprising 48 cabins, which will be fully delivered by the end of 2012.