UK company MilSys, the international subsidiary of DRASH manufacturer DHS Technologies, has been awarded a contract to provide Celox™ gauze to the British Armed Forces. The hemostat will be used to treat patients for severe bleeding resulting from injuries sustained in the theater of operations.

“MilSys prides itself on providing the very best equipment to its customers, and this new partnership with the UK Armed Forces is a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to excellence,” says Andy Cowling, managing director of MilSys, “It is also satisfying for a British company like MilSys to be supplying a British product which will help save the lives of British troops wherever they are deployed in the world.”

Celox is a unique haemostatic agent that can be used by everyone from military personnel to first responders to hospital staff to control life-threatening bleeding. Once applied, it combines with red blood cells and platelets to form a gel-like clot that can be used to treat patients suffering from clotting disorders, or those with mild or severe injuries.

The newest product to join the Celox line, Celox gauze, combines high-quality gauze with Celox granules to control even the most severe bleeds within minutes. The gauze can easily be torn to the required size, eliminating the need for any cutting.

It can also be used in any environment, including extreme arctic and desert conditions, and does not require any special storage.

Celox products are suitable for all types of bleeding, including arterial and venous bleeds. They do not generate heat, can easily be removed from wounds and are effective at clotting hypothermic blood and blood containing anti-coagulants.