In October 2010, ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik presented the first of three mobile air force command posts for the mobile air force command and control system (MobFüSysLw) to the user. At the air base in Fuerstenfeldbruck and in the presence of numerous civil and military guests, the chairman of the ESG board of management, Gerhard Schempp, handed over the symbolic key for the command post to Wolfgang Stolp, president of the German Federal Armed Forces IT office, to pass on to the user-represented by Major General Joachim Wundrak, deputy commander, German Air Force Command.

The command post will be used to ensure the command capability of the air force or air force units.

The system provides about 50 workstations in 13 function containers equipped with the latest IT and communication solutions. The powerful central IT, radio and communication components offer complete redundancy and are integrated into two communication containers. A connectable command / information and briefing cell with space for 20 soldiers serves as a communication hub and features a video conferencing system as well as the latest multimedia equipment. The electrical supply to the entire command post is ensured by means of a power supply container.

The command post is designed to be used in a wide range of scenarios and offers a high level of expansion flexibility with regard to the number of containers, the configuration of workstations and the integration and connection of further IT and communication systems.

Its modularity makes the system suitable for all normal transport routes (air, water and land, including railway and multi-truck), enabling it to be quickly moved and set up again ready for operation. The system is ready-for-use within a week.

In his speech, Gerhard Schempp emphasised that such a complex project can only be realised on time and with requirements met when, on the one hand, the contracted company has far-reaching technical expertise, understanding of the system and an extensive domain knowledge, and, on the other, when all the parties involved work towards the same goal as partners and on a basis of trust.

“The air force command post project is an example of this successful cooperation between the German Army and industry.”