RUAG Electronics has been commissioned by armasuisse, the Swiss Army’s procurement authority, to extend the existing SIMUG simulation platforms to include SIM KIUG. SIM KIUG offers simulation support for training operations in built-up terrain. The training is provided at two sites where 53 comprehensively equipped buildings are located. RUAG supplied the complete technology for these, accounting for a significant proportion of the sum of CHF123 million set aside for the plants within the framework of the 2009 Armament Programme.

With SIM KIUG2, RUAG is set to supply the complete live simulation platform by the end of 2012 for the training of military units on built-up terrain. The buildings are equipped with sensors and effectors, which respond when they come under simulated fire. This makes it possible to train for combat operations with integrated weapons on built-up territory as realistically as possible. In addition to the troops, their weapons and combat vehicles, artillery, mortars and minefields can also be simulated and their deployment and impact can be evaluated, along with medical support and logistics.

RUAG handed the SIMUG1 training systems in Bure and St. Luzisteig over to the Swiss Army in 2009. These occupy an area of about 14km², both military training areas
together. SIMUG supports operations using integrated weapons in open terrain up to reinforced company level. The development of today’s conflicts shows, however, that peace-keeping and combat missions increasingly take place on built-up terrain.

“With SIM KIUG, we are realising the second simulation platform at the two training centres and are now able to train for and monitor tactical situations on built-up terrain,” says Colonel Max Fenner, head of the Army Training Centre. Andreas P Herren, CEO of RUAG Electronics,
explains, “In my view, perfect synergy is when technology focuses on practical needs and as here, enables elaborate and complex missions to be reviewed with ease.”