“TRAKKAR allows the user to focus on the task confident the UGV is following”.

A new capability in unmanned ground vehicles is announced today at Eurosatory 2010. Marshall SDG, part of Cambridge based Marshall Land Systems, is showing for the first time its multi-role TRAKKAR platform fitted with a novel “follow-me” capability on stand number Pe6b – F171 during the show being held in Paris from 14 to 18 June 2010.

TRAKKAR, a 4 x 4 platform able to carry a 250kg payload, has been fitted with ‘follow-me’ technology which enables the vehicle to follow its human controller as he/she moves across the ground. Fitted to the front of the vehicle is a receiver linked to the vehicle control system whilst the soldier has a small transmitter fitted to his back and a PDA sized hand held control unit. The soldier is presented with a simple three button interface for common commands, such as “follow me” “catch up” and “return to last RV”. TRAKKAR can also follow a pre programmed route.

“TRAKKAR helps significantly to reduce the weight burden on individual soldiers and this ‘follow-me’ development makes the UGV even more user friendly as it enables the operator to focus on their task confident that TRAKKAR is following behind,” said Peter Callaghan, Chief Executive of Marshall Land Systems.

TRAKKAR is electrically powered using quick change battery packs and has provision for a diesel electric Hybrid Power Unit to give an overall endurance of up to 70 hours. It has ground clearance of 200-300mm depending on the tyre type, a low centre of gravity and a four wheel drive line. Two TRAKKARs can be joined together to create an articulated 8×8 UGV.

As well as its primary load bearing role TRAKKAR can be rapidly re-configured for a wide range of roles using quick change mission pods to become amongst others a radio re-broadcast facility, a remote casualty evacuation system or carry a sensor package for route clearance tasks, act a static or roving unmanned sentry post observing areas of dead ground or an autonomous CBRN reconnaissance vehicle.