New version of the laser and Light System
Includes even brighter tactical lamp and improved IR illumination

The cFL Mk2 is a further development of the cFL laser under consideration of the experience in the field and the extended history from engineering and manufacturing of lasers ranging from pistol to military infantry rifle applications.

The rugged design and the small dimensions combined with the low weight makes this laser the preferred choice for the small commando weapon where other targeting devices leave little room to fit a tactical light and a Laser. The laser is executed with a high power LED tactical light in combination with a red visible Laser beam and a Twin LED IR illumination with an IR Laser beam invisible to the human eye. The IR wavelength is carefully selected to prevent any possible detection by the naked eye.

Each laser beam can be adjusted in elevation and azimuth independently. The LED tactical light power has been increased to a superior 180 or optionally even 250 Lumen power and has a superior life expectancy to the usual Xenon bulbs and uses far less power. A strobe mode offers an additional tactical feature to irritate a potential opponent at short distance.

The improved twin high power IR illuminator provides full range wide angle field illumination for operations with night vision goggles. A protective cap prevents the identification of the laser source from a side angle. The power is factory set to the desired output defined by the tactical requirement of the user. Sophisticated electronics ascertain the maintaining of stable output power throughout the battery life.

The cFL Mk2 has the following operating modes:

  • With NVG = Infrared beam (Trigger operated) with Twin IR LED
  • Visible light = Red beam (Trigger operated) and Tactical Light
  • Visible light = Red beam (Trigger operated) and Tactical Light in strobe mode

The Laser is remote trigger activated; the illumination is activated by touch pads on the housing.